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Koontz-Bryant, P.C., Geo-Solutions, Inc., and Willmark Engineering PLC merge to become Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams

RELEASE: June 15, 2017
CONTACT: Martha Shotwell, 804-200-1919, mshotwell@koontzbryant.com

RICHMOND, Va. – Representatives from Koontz-Bryant, Geo-Solutions and Willmark Engineering announced this week that the three companies will be merging to form Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams (KBJW).

KBJW Shareholders
KBJW Shareholders from left to right: Greg Koontz, George Bryant, Brent Johnson, Mark Williams, Martha Shotwell (Not Pictured: Bob Fitz)

Koontz-Bryant is a leading force in civil engineering, surveying, landscape architecture and environmental services and has been serving the Greater Richmond area for over 26 years. Geo-Solutions’ expertise lies in geotechnical engineering, environmental services and drainfield design, and Willmark Engineering provides civil engineering services to the commercial and industrial market sectors. Geo-Solutions and Willmark Engineering have served the Richmond market for 10 years.

“Today, both George and I and all the KB employees celebrate a new chapter in our firm’s history. The merger of three great companies will expand the services available to our clients while maintaining a common corporate culture,” said Greg Koontz, President of Koontz-Bryant. “We’re excited for what lies ahead with our new partners and our expanding corporate vision.”

The merger will allow KBJW to provide clients with the additional benefits of their combined services and a more diverse firm, as well as moving forward the long term corporate vision for their employees. KBJW will continue to focus on delivering unmatched services to their clients and will be at two locations with the corporate office at 1703 North Parham Road, Suite 202, Henrico, VA 23229 and a branch office located at 11901 Old Stage Road, Chester, VA 23836.

“I am excited for the Geo-Solutions team to join Koontz Bryant Johnson Williams,” said Brent Johnson, President of Geo-Solutions. “The joining of the many years of service, success, and expertise displayed by the three firms will establish KBJW as the premier civil engineering firm in Virginia.”

Mark Williams, President of Willmark echoed the sentiment of his new partners. “As the sole owner of a smaller firm, I have had to wear many hats,” said Williams. “While the challenge of building a successful business from the ground up has been extremely rewarding, I am looking forward to having the resources of our combined firms and larger staff to allow more time to focus on our strengths.”

Koontz-Bryant began operating in August 1990, primarily as a surveying firm. The firm grew throughout the 90’s, specializing in construction surveying and expanded its engineering services to include large scale residential projects. As growth continued, the company added public sector projects for local municipalities, environmental services and landscape architecture to its roster. In 2000, Koontz-Bryant began to provide services for higher education clients, including CNU during its 15 year expansion and a long term relationship with UMW. Since the market recovery in 2012, Koontz-Bryant’s growth has continued with additional universities and an increased focus on commercial, industrial and municipal projects.

Geo-Solutions was established in 2006 by Brent Johnson to serve the residential and commercial markets of Central Virginia in the areas of geotechnical and environmental engineering. Market downturns in 2008 kept growth slow but steady; however, the addition of new services and key personnel spurred significant growth in 2012. Geo-Solutions now serves a larger and more diverse client base, stretching into industrial and municipal sectors throughout much of Virginia.

Mark Williams established Willmark Engineering in 2007. Although opening a firm just before a recession is unfortunate timing, it contributed to the success and growth of Willmark in many ways. The adversity forced the firm to focus, develop grit, and to distill its true mission. With 20 years of experience in the civil engineering field, the company works on municipal, commercial, industrial, and residential design projects. A focus on technology, clients, project quality and efficiency are strengths that will enhance the new company.


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