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Award Winning Project

CNU baseball field in City of Newport News

CNU McMurran Hall in City of Newport News

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Celebrating 25 Years!

25 Years Ago This Month: Novemberr 1990

Koontz-Bryant celebrates 25 years in business! This year we are looking back at some interesting things that happened in our first year of business ...

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The Regulatory Conundrum

By Matt Faris, Project Manager, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

In the evening of a cold Christmas Eve almost a century ago, a dam failure in Saltville, VA was responsible for the loss of 19 people. The Muck Dam impounded chemical wastes, and the failure impacted rivers as much as one hundred miles away. While there have been fewer than a dozen significant dam failures in Virginia since ...Read more »

Unplugged: An Unforgettable Journey Worth Repeating

By George Bryant, Vice President, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

My business partner Greg and I had plans of going out west to hunt Elk twenty three years ago. As of July, 2014 our plans were still just a dream. Starting a business, growing families, running a business, and college tuition were all reasons that we had not taken the time to make this particular dream a... Read more »

SWPPP Requirements Have Changed – Are you at Risk of Non-Compliance?

By Ron Etter, Environmental Group Manager, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

Everyone who has a General Construction Permit (GCP) will need to update their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). The Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) 2014 GCP for construction activities went into effect July 1, 2014... Read more »

4 Tools to Moving Dirt on a Project: Shovel Not Included

By Greg Koontz, PE, LS, President, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

Moving dirt on site work projects has always seemed like a “black box” to most of our clients and many design professionals. Just let the contractor figure out how it works and everything should be okay. This may work some of the time, but what are you leaving on the table as an owner on a low bid proposal with unqualified responses? Read more »

Eight Common Plants that have Dangerous Traits

By Bob Fitz, PLA, ASLA, Principal, Koontz-Bryant, P.C.

Most people are familiar with the hazards of handling some of the more commonly known plants such as poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac. Adverse reactions can include mild to severe rashes, swelling and itching. However there are . . . Read more »

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For over two decades, Koontz-Bryant, PC has been a leader providing innovative planning, design and consulting services for site development and infrastructure construction. Serving a wide-ranging base of public and private clients, we are passionate about finding cost effective solutions specific to our client’s individual needs.

Our multi-disciplinary staff of LEED accredited professionals, surveyors, engineers, planners, landscape architects, environmental scientists, and technical specialists support the most challenging projects. We invite you to discover how Koontz-Bryant’s team of professionals can make a difference on your site development or infrastructure project. Our services include: